The Effic Planner

By Dave Ruel &
Created By An Entrepreneur 
For Entrepreneurs.
The Only Planner Backed By An Efficient & Proven Method To Strategically Plan Your Next 90 Days, Organize Your Work Week And Implement Strong Habits & Routines Into Your Entrepreneurial Life. 

"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities."
- Dr. Stephen R. Covey
The ProductivAction™ Method is a goal and task management methodology for entrepreneurs that allows you to translate your annual goals into day-to-day actions. Its powerful framework allows you to be more efficient, execute effectively and be more productive as a result.

As entrepreneurs, we lead busy lives. It seems we never have enough time to do the things we really want, like complete important projects or do things that make us happy. We’re so busy with millions of little things to do. Throughout my many years as an entrepreneur, I’ve always sought the best strategies to help me be as productive as possible and to achieve my goals. Unfortunately, these strategies and methods didn’t work. I never got to the end of my long to do lists, and although I’m a disciplined person, my tasks were piling up and my projects weren’t progressing. I had to face the facts: I was simply incapable of organizing my time in a way that allowed me to juggle my projects, daily tasks and family life. And then one day, I came across a recorded seminar on time management, given by Dr. Stephen R. Covey following the release of his book First Things First. Dr. Covey explained that the secret to achieving your goals was to prioritize. He pulled a bucket out from under the table, along with 3 containers: one filled with rocks, the other with smaller rocks and the last one with sand.

He started pouring sand into the bucket, followed by the small rocks and then the big rocks. You could immediately tell that it would be impossible to fit everything in the bucket. With a layer of sand at the bottom and the small rocks on top, there was no room left for the big rocks. He decided to start again by putting the big rocks in the bucket first. Then he added the small rocks which fit in the gaps between the big rocks and finally poured in the sand which filled the empty spaces. Everything fit easily into the bucket. Mr. Covey then told the students, “You see, in our personal and professional lives, we have big rocks, small rocks and sand. The natural tendency is to give priority to sand, leaving little room for rocks. We spend most of our lives taking care of little tasks and neglecting the important ones, hence the importance of prioritizing.” 
This Idea Completely Changed My Life...
That’s when I understood: the rocks had to be added in the right order, prioritizing the right things. Prioritization created enough space for everything to fit in!
I planned my next quarter based on this principle. I organized my days and weeks strategically... and 3 months later, I couldn’t believe it: I had completed ALL the projects I started, and I was no longer at the mercy of my schedule! I was more productive, more free... and happier! Over the years, I’ve improved these tools and procedures to meet my needs as a businessman, active individual, father and husband. That’s how the ProductivAction™ Method was created. 

Once you become efficient, productivity becomes an effortless by-product of your “effic” structure. This method is now used by all my students, as well as thousands of other people who want to accomplish more tasks in less time. Today it’s your turn to change your life too with the Effic Planner and the ProductivAction™ method.
 How Does The Method Work In The Planner?
(It's a jar but we like the word "Bucket" better :) )
Represents a Project
Big Rocks
Represents Milestones
 (Key Steps) to complete your project
Small Rocks
Represents Actions (named ProductivActions) you will need to take to reach each Key Step (Milestone)
Represents the Movements (microtasks) you'll need to make to complete each Action.
Step 1: 
Establish Your Annual Guideline
Make a list of the 6 major objectives you want to accomplish this year.  These represent what you really want to see becoming a reality in your life and business in the next 12 months. Ask yourself this question: what are the 6 things I’d like to see become reality this year? They can be projects, but can also be big goals, whose outcome will be a direct result of your efforts. These objectives will be your main guideline for the next year. Use this guideline has a go-to list to keep you aligned with what you really want.

Some examples: Launch my first online training course, hold my first conference , write a book , make over $100,000 ,  take 6 weeks of vacation, work 20 hours a week, etc...
Step 2: 
Create 3 Buckets For Your Next Quarter
Now that you have set your objectives for the year, let’s focus on the next quarter, meaning the next 90 days (91 to be precise). This planner has 13 weeks. For this, you need to set a maximum of three buckets. A “bucket” represents a project. Each bucket must follow the guideline of your annual objectives without necessarily be a breakdown of your annual guideline. 

Always ask yourself this question: “Is this bucket in alignment with my annual guideline?”  

Examples of buckets: create a training course, write my book, build a marketing funnel, etc...
Step 3: 
Fill Each Bucket With A Maximum Of 4 Big Rocks
List the 4 key steps (milestones) you must accomplish for this project (bucket). You can also add a due date for each milestone. In the Covey analogy, these are your big rocks.

For example, if your bucket is to create your training course, the 4 steps could be:

1. Brainstorm: define the course content
2. Prepare the training plan
3. Produce the videos
4. Create the educational material
Step 4: 
Break Down Each Big Rock Into A Maximum Of 5 Small Rocks
Now that you’ve established your big rocks (milestones or key steps), we can detail these steps. To do this, you need to break each big rock into a maximum of small rocks (ProductivActions). 

For example, for the big rock “Produce the videos”, the small rocks would be: 

a. Find a shooting location 
b. Book 4 time slots for recording 
c. Find the equipment required or hire a professional 
d. Create story boards for each video 
e. Edit the videos
Step 5: 
Plan Your Week
1. Define a maximum of 7 ProductivActions (smallrocks) that you’ll work on; these will be your priority actions, one per day. Since there are 7 rocks, you can work 7 days a week if you want... But I don’t recommend it, at least not long-term. Take care of 3 to 5 ProductivActions (small rocks) per week. Some rocks may require 2 days of work. With time, you’ll find what’s right for you and how many actions to prioritize.

2.  Make a list of your secondary tasks.Plan for a maximum of 8 because other tasks will inevitably be added to your list throughout the week.

3. Make a list of your routines which are recurring tasks.By this, I mean repetitive tasks, personal and/or professional, that you need to take care of every week. The goal is to incorporate them into a routine. Limit yourself to one routine task per day.
Step 6: 
Plan, Prioritize & Take Action Daily
We have created the perfect daily framework. Starting with your daily morning routine and a powerful reconnection phrase. A powerful ritual to create discipline.

The framework allows you to focus on your ONE Priority Task of the day which should always be a ProductivAction (small rock). This ensures consistency and that you will achieve your goals.

We also give you space to tackle other tasks and create routines. 

A convenient evening checklist will make sure that you're always prepared for the next day and that everything is organized and up to date.

We have also added space for notes, your schedule and a convenient idea box to store your ideas daily.
A Closer Look At The Daily Planner
Step 7: 
Review Your Work Each Week & Plan The Upcoming Week
At the end of each week, give yourself 15 minutes to review your week, evaluate yourself, your work and plan your upcoming work week.
...And You'll Never Forget Anything!
Our planners include awesome additional features like a monthly open-dated calendar, blank pages, space for important notes and last but not least your very own IdeaBox™ integrated at the end of your planner to store and categorize your ideas in a safe place.
Video Tutorials & Preview
Praise for the Effic Planner:
"It's completely changed my business and what I get done..."
Jason Maxwell, Fitness Entrepreneur
"'The Effic Planner is made for my brain as an entrepreneur..."
Dr. Meghan Walker, ND
"It keeps me on track and makes sure I'm accountable"
Adam Elkaim, Total Wellness Consulting
"'The Effic Planner is 
absolutely awesome!"
Mark T. Wade, Hustle & Scale
"It's changed the way I manage my business and my work..."
Jill Stanton,
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With Your New Planner, You Will :
  • Prioritize to achieve your life & business goals
  • Become Disciplined with Routines & Rituals
  • Create Space to complete all your projects
  •  End Procrastination and master Productivity
  •  Win the day ONE action at a time
  •  Be ConsistentFocused & Structured
About The Creator:  Dave Ruel
Amongst his peers, Dave Ruel is known as the Architect, the man who can create highly efficient and sustainable business structures. He's also the founder of Effic, a company specialized in entrepreneurial efficiency that helps entrepreneurs regain their entrepreneurial freedom by showing them how to do less while achieving more using simple operations systems so they can own a business they can run hands off and prosper without them.

Dave is also a serial entrepreneur who has founded several 7-figure online companies. He specializes in creating businesses that maximize profit and freedom.

Using his simple life and business structures, without any full-time employees on payroll while traveling the world with his wife and daughter, here is what Dave was able to achieve:

* Sold over 50,000 fitness books published in 4 languages.
* Generated more than 16 million dollars in sales.
* Brought a supplements company from $100k to $3.2 Millions in annual sales.
* Systematized and Automated the operations for many of the worlds top online entrepreneurs, including a fitness celebrity who has more than 2 Million subscribers.
* Coached entrepreneurs all around the world in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Panama and of course Canada and the USA.

How is the Effic Planner different from all the other planners on the market?
There are so many planners on the market these days, it can get confusing and make it difficult to know which one will fit you the best.
While most of the other planners available offer daily organization or a place for creativity, the Effic Planner offers a one-stop shop for the busy professional.

To be honest, I find most planners too complicated, unclear and impossible to stick to on the long term. They just have too many moving parts and it feels more like homework than planning. Most planners also don't offer any effective frameworks to achieve your goals and manage projects. Our simple and unique method will help you craft your perfect quarterly plan to better manage your projects, reach your goals and organize your daily life. You will be able to break down your tasks into manageable actions and will give you the focused ability to easily know if you are on the right track.

You are also going to easily create strong routines and develop habits of success that will last for your entire lifetime.Thanks to this planner, you will stay focused and structured, finally harnessing the power of your creative and energetic entrepreneurial brain.

Last but not least: DESIGN & QUALITY. You will instantly notice the attention to details we gave to create our planners. Truth is, our founder, Dave Ruel, has sent it back to the designers more than 20 times until it reach Effic's high company standards. Our planners look so great that you'll love receiving compliments every time you use it in public.
I'm NOT an entrepreneur, can I still use this method and planner?
Of course! This planner is made with the entrepreneur in mind but is perfectly suited for executives, artists, business owners, employees and even students who want to structure their personal and professional lives. The ProductivAction Method is versatile and can be adapted to almost anyone. We all need structure and clarity in our lives and this planner will give you just that.
How long does the Planner last for?
This planner is good for a full quarter (90 days). It all everything you need to implement the ProductivAction Method. It also includes a calendar, weekly planning and weekly review pages. You'll also find a convenient "Idea Box" at the end of the planner as well as multiple blank pages in case you feel creative.
Planners are also undated so you can start when you want.
What are the planner's physical features?
This planner has everything to make it a frictionless experience. First, it has a large and durable elastic that will hold it tight when closed. For easy navigation, It has 3 bookmark strings for easy reference (we recommend one to bookmark the quarterly buckets section, one for your current day and one for the idea box), it also has a convenient back pocket to keep receipts, stamps or even business cards. 
The Classic edition is made of a durable Diamond Grip textured cover, the Deluxe edition is made of a Rich Cognac Leather padded cover. Both exceptional luxurious finishes.
What's the planner's size?
The planner is at the convenient and portable size of 5" x 8.25". It is 1" think, making it fil in any purse or bag.
Why is the Deluxe version slightly more expensive than the Classic Version?
While the content of the planner is the same as the Classic planner, the Deluxe Edition's cover is made of Rich Cognac Leatherette which is a more expensive material. It is also upgraded with a padded cover and custom stitchings that require more detailed attention to produce this version of the planner. We wanted it to be a fantastic luxury accessory for all the owners of the Deluxe Edition. I'm sure you'll appreciate the extra details on this fantastic piece.

/effic/ (adj.) short for efficient. Effic helps entrepreneurs and small businesses become more efficient and effective by employing better, smarter, simpler working methods & systems.

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